ArenaPlus: Chris Paul's Veteran Leadership with the Suns

A Turnaround Season for the Phoenix Suns

Chris Paul's arrival at the Phoenix Suns last season marked a transformative phase for the team. Tasked with leading a young squad, Paul successfully orchestrated a significant playoff run. Diving into the data, Paul's contribution becomes vividly clear.

  • Points Per Game (PPG): Paul averaged around 16.4 points, demonstrating his capability to score crucial points.
  • Assists Per Game (APG): With an average of 8.9 assists, Paul made his mark as a premier facilitator.
  • Steals Per Game (SPG): Adding value on defense, Paul recorded 1.4 steals per game.

Impact on Teammates

Paul's veteran presence positively influenced the performance of his teammates. Providing on-court guidance and off-court mentoring, he fostered an environment conducive to growth.

  • Deandre Ayton's Growth: Ayton saw substantial improvement with Paul’s assistance, averaging 14.4 points and 10.5 rebounds per game.
  • Devin Booker's Development: Booker sharpened his skills under Paul’s mentorship, finishing the season with an impressive 25.6 points per game.

Record Improvement

Since Paul's integration into the team, the Suns saw a dramatic shift in their overall performance and season record. The data reflects this improvement vividly.

  • Regular Season Wins: The Suns ended the regular season with a 51-21 record, marking a noteworthy improvement from previous years.
  • Second Place in Western Conference: This impressive record secured them the second seed in the highly competitive Western Conference.

Playoff Success

Paul's experience became even more valuable as Phoenix navigated the playoffs. His steady hand and clutch performance were instrumental in the Suns’ progression to the NBA Finals.

  • Crucial Games Won: Paul helped the Suns secure pivotal victories in crucial playoff matches, showcasing his leadership in pressure situations.
  • Finals Appearance: The team reached the NBA Finals for the first time since 1993, a testament to Paul's influence on and off the court.


Chris Paul's influence on the Phoenix Suns transcends mere statistics. His leadership, experience, and basketball IQ have been invaluable to the team's success. As the Suns continue to evolve, Paul's presence will remain pivotal in shaping their future. For more detailed sports updates and analysis, check out ArenaPlus.

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